Fishadelphia is currently on Summer break! Seafood pickups will restart in September.
Ronnie is laying in some grass in the shade, they are wearing black and white vans, pink socks, black denim jeans, pink spaghetti strap tank top and some of their stomach is showing, they are smiling and wearing heart shaped sunglasses

Ronnie Bee

Assistant Fish Packing Manager


Hi, I’m Ronnie. I’m a queer non-binary individual who likes to craft, play guitar, be slow and enjoy life. I joined Fishadelphia because I love food, and fish but also because I’m very community-driven and they seem one in the same. I’m really excited to be apart of the team! In my spare time I’m usually with loved ones, playing music or making jewelry! Find me on Instagram @Grrlblk if you’d like to check out my work ♥️