Fishadelphia is currently on Summer break! Seafood pickups will restart in September.

Research & Presentations

Fishadelphia has been featured in the following academic articles:

  • Strategies for increasing participation of diverse consumers in a community seafood program, accompanying manuscript: Casting a Wider Net [link]
  • T Young, G Cumming, E Kerns, K Hunter-Thomson, T Manik-Perlman, T Palacio, N Veang, WX Weng, F Yin, and C Cuite. 2023. Strategies for increasing participation of diverse consumers in a community seafood program. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 36 [link]

  • AK Carlson, T Young, MA Centeno, SA Levin, DI Rubenstein. 2021. Boat to bowl: Resilience through network rewiring of a community-supported fishery amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental Research Letters 16:034054. [link]

  • JS Stoll, HL Harrison, E De Sousa, D Callaway, M Collier, K Harrell, B Jones, J Kastlunger, E Kramer, S Kurian, MA Lovewell, S Strobel, T Sylvester, B Tolley, A Tomlinson, E White, T Young, P Loring. Alternative seafood networks during COVID-19: Implications for resilience and sustainability. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 5:97 [link]

  • G Cumming, K Hunter-Thomson, T Young. 2020. Local food 2.0: How do regional, intermediated, food value chains affect stakeholder learning? A case study of a community-supported fishery (CSF) program. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 10(1): 68-82. [link]

Fishadelphia has been featured in the following presentations:

  • “True Confessions of CSFs on the Journey of Scaling Up,” with Sonia Strobel (Skipper Otto CSF), Shannon Arnold (Ecology Action Centre), and Marsh Skeele (Sitka Salmon Shares), at the 2022 Local Catch Summit.
  • Food from the Sea,” Capitol Hill Ocean Week, June 2022. Presenter: F. Yin, in conversation with Imani Black from Minorities in Aquaculture, Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough from Inuit Circumpolar Council, and Dr. Michelle Tigchelaar from Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions.

  • Wharton Agribusiness, Food, and Beverage Club’s “Sea-stainability: Coastal Economies, Ecosystems, and You” panel, February 2022. Presenter: T. Young & O. Masika, in conversation with Linda Behnken from Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association, Emily Farr from Manomet, Ana Nadal from The Nature Conservancy.

  • NJ Sea Grant & Rutgers University’s Aquaculture Career Readiness through Hgih School Apprenticeship workshop, August 2021. Presenter: T. Young, T. Palacio, F. Yin.

  • “Building models & movements,” Bodega Bay Marine Lab, July 2021. Presenter: T. Young.

  • “Fishadelphia: a local solution to a global problem?” World Affairs Council of Philadelphia’s UN Summer Camp for Middle School Students, July 2021. Presenter: F. Yin.

  • Fishadelphia: An innovative community seafood program,” Columbia University course, “Our food ,” December 2020. Presenter: T. Young.

  • Free Library of Philadelphia & Get Healthy Philly Digital Dialogue Series: Co-learning to build a good food system, December 2020. Presenter: T. Young, in conversation with Sara Nicholas from PASA Sustainable Agriculture.

  • A spark can cause a huge fire”: Lessons learned and resources to share from a justice-oriented, youth-centered community seafood program,” Building Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains online seminar series, October 2020. Presenter: T. Young.

  • Slow Fish Crew Together #1, Slow Fish USA, March 2020. Presenter: T. Young.

  • Thinking about affordability, access, and equity in local seafood,” 3rd Local Seafood Summit, Portland, OR, October 2019. Presenters: T. Young and T. Palacio.

  • Fishadelphia: A community seafood program,” Community Food Systems Conference 2019, Savannah, GA, December 2019. Presenter: T. Palacio.

  • “Fishadelphia: An innovative community seafood program,” Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) Conversation on the Environment, Responsible Energy, and Life (CEREAL) seminar, Princeton, NJ, December 2018. Presenter: T. Young.

  • Alternative seafood supply chains as vehicles for mutual learning among stakeholders,” American Fisheries Society 148th Annual Meeting, Atlantic City, NJ, August 2018. Presenter: T. Young.

  • “Fishadelphia: Farm Bill funding on the ground,” Free Library of Philadelphia workshop (From SNAP to Growing Food for Your Community: Understanding the Farm Bill), Philadelphia, PA, August 2018. Presenters: T. Palacio, T. Young.

  • “Fishadelphia: High school student-run community-supported fishery has broad community impact,” National Marine Educators Association 2018 Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA, July 2018. Presenter: K. Hunter-Thomson.

  • “Fishadelphia: An innovative community seafood program,” NOAA General Counsel Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, May 2018. Presenters: Students, T. Palacio, T. Young