What seafood will I get?

Our goal is to provide you with the best, freshest fish. Buying only from NJ harvesters means that we are limited to local conditions and what fisherpeople are catching.

We can’t say for sure what we will have each week until the week it’s caught! We will send you a fish reveal messages few days before you pick up letting you know the Catch of the Week.

Common species include:

black sea bass, clams, dogfish, flounder, oysters, scallops, skate, tilefish, tuna

Some species are only available at certain times of the year (such as dogfish); see the table below for more about seasonal availability.

Seasonal Availability

When you're eating only fresh, unfrozen seafood, not all fish is available all year round! Here's a breakdown of fishing seasons off of the Jersey coast where we source all of our fish.


  • Scallops


    Found in saltwater environments ranging from the intertidal zone (during exceptionally low spring tides) to the deep sea, scallops are bivalved mollusks that can be found around the world.

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  • Viking Village fisherman holds up freshly caught jumbo tilefish


    Tilefish also known as the clown of sea are colorful, iridescent fishies! They are mainly found in sandy areas in temperate and tropical waters. 

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  • Viking Village fisherman shows his bigeye tuna catch


    There are seven species of tuna, and they range in all types of sizes. The kinds of tuna that our fisherfolk reel in are bluefin, albacore, yellowfin, and bigeye.

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  • Sweet Amalia Oysters from Sweet Amalia Farm


    We gather oysters from many different farmers. Some of our oysters (like the one pictured above) come from Sweet Amalia Farm in Cape May, NJ, or Maxwell Shellfish in Port Republic, NJ.

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  • Viking Village fishermen pack freshly caught skate


    Skates are bottom-dwellers with an arrow-like body and large flat pectoral fins. There are over two hundred skate species! 

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  • Fishadelphia's Feini holds a summer flounder!


    Flounders are a benthic (bottom-feeding) flatfish species. As young fish, flounders have an eye on either side of their body; but as they mature, their left eye migrates to the other side! 

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