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Fishadelphia News & Updates

  • Fishadelphia staff, all of whom are POC sit and stand by an oversize chair at FDR park

    Fall 2023 Newsletter

    We're back slinging fish for our 13th season!

    Includes some reflections on our past and our future vision as an organization, shoutouts to our great interns, and some shifts in our partner organizations including a return to Weavers Way Mt Airy.
  • an infographic demonstrating how some Seafood Club members pay more to support those who pay less

    Our Inclusion Strategies Guide

    We're delighted that a peer reviewed journal article featuring our work at Fishadelphia, and an accompanying guide describing our diversity inclusion strategies are finally published.Check out Casting a wider net, our inclusion strategy guide here. Read the peer-reviewed article, Strategies for...

  • Talia with Fishadelphia coolers on a street corner.

    Price Changes for Our Upcoming Season

    A note from our Executive Director and founder, Talia: We've lowered our Seafood Club prices for fall 2023. We're excited (and scared) and hope that this will make Fishadelphia more accessible.
  • A collage of photos from 2022-2023 seafood club: Tasha holding a fillet; fishstands; Ruben packing a cooler

    Summer 2023 Newsletter

    A recap of our 2022-2023 Season!

    Also some thoughts about the April 2023 Dock Trip; announcements for our summer 2023 activities; thanking college interns; and celebrating transitions for our partners at Primal Supply and Maxwell's Shellfish.

  • Mr. Rodney holds a fish fillet during a packing session.

    Spring 2023 Newsletter

    Announcing our first dock trip in three years!

    Also thanking Mr. Rodney for being a longtime Fishadelphia friend, supporter, and worker; welcoming Ruben; and celebrating that we are a Making Space finalist.

  • Winter 2022 Newsletter

    Winter 2022 Newsletter

    The first edition of our newly re-designed newsletter, Fish Eye. 

    Holiday gift cards, oysters & eggs, and more!