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Fishadelphia News & Updates

  • an infographic demonstrating how some Seafood Club members pay more to support those who pay less

    Our Inclusion Strategies Guide

    We're delighted that a peer reviewed journal article featuring our work at Fishadelphia, and an accompanying guide describing our diversity inclusion strategies are finally published.Check out Casting a wider net, our inclusion strategy guide here. Read the peer-reviewed article, Strategies for...

  • Talia with Fishadelphia coolers on a street corner.

    Price Changes for Our Upcoming Season

    A note from our Executive Director and founder, Talia: We've lowered our Seafood Club prices for fall 2023. We're excited (and scared) and hope that this will make Fishadelphia more accessible.
  • A collage of photos from 2022-2023 seafood club: Tasha holding a fillet; fishstands; Ruben packing a cooler

    Summer 2023 Newsletter

    A recap of our 2022-2023 Season!

    Also some thoughts about the April 2023 Dock Trip; announcements for our summer 2023 activities; thanking college interns; and celebrating transitions for our partners at Primal Supply and Maxwell's Shellfish.

  • Mr. Rodney holds a fish fillet during a packing session.

    Spring 2023 Newsletter

    Announcing our first dock trip in three years!

    Also thanking Mr. Rodney for being a longtime Fishadelphia friend, supporter, and worker; welcoming Ruben; and celebrating that we are a Making Space finalist.

  • Winter 2022 Newsletter

    Winter 2022 Newsletter

    The first edition of our newly re-designed newsletter, Fish Eye. 

    Holiday gift cards, oysters & eggs, and more!

  • Fall 2022 Newsletter

    Fall 2022 Newsletter

    Thank you for a scrumptious summer!

    Fishadelphia welcomed new staff members, attended the Local Catch Summit in Alaska, and spotlights Lemauri Land (student), Chef Tonii Hicks (partner), and Stefan Zajic (member).