Seafood Club Pickup

This page has info about Seafood Club Pickup, including dates, location descriptions, and some brief policies.

If you are a Member looking for your exact Pickup Site address or host contact information, please check your email for details! For security reasons, this page does not have exact locations.

Pickup Sites are divided into two groups, Narwhal and Seadragon, with pickups on alternating weeks.

Essential Pickup Policies

Read more about our Policies on our FAQ

We do not offer compensatory shares or refunds if you miss, forget, or are unable to make your pickup.

You can make arrangements for a friend to pick up for you, or click the "skip pickup" button in your email for that week to let us know and we can donate your share to a student or mutual aid organization.  

If you unexpectedly miss your pickup, please contact your host directly to coordinate. Your host may not be able to accommodate you at another time, and your seafood may no longer be available after 48 hours. 

You can pause your pickup for the week if you know ahead of time you'll be away. Click the "Pause Subscription" button on your account management portal before Friday on the week before the pickup. You can restart your subscription at any time! Read more about our pausing functionality here.

Fishadelphia may change pickup day/times due to weather and other events. 

After you buy a Membership, you get a series of introductory emails. The email titled "Fishadelphia Pickup Details..." includes your exact Pickup location, and your Pickup Schedule (the first date listed is your first Pickup date).

Your first Pickup will be usually about a week or two after you signed up.

Do not look at the "fulfillment dates" on your subscription page.

If you have a Membership but can't find your Pickup Details, please contact us!

Phone/Text: (267) 666-0924

Due to weather or other events (like when the Eagles won the Superbowl!), we may occasionally reschedule pickup on short turnaround.  In those circumstances, we will communicate with you, but we cannot offer refunds because we’ve already ordered your seafood beforehand. You are always welcome to have a friend pick up your share for you, coordinate with your cooler host, or donate your share to our mutual aid network.

Pickup Dates 2023-2024

Pickup Site Map

Note: the locations on the map are approximate and we will send exact details once you have signed up.

Below are descriptions of the accessibility, parking, and public transit options of each of the Pickup Sites. Some Pickup Sites are staffed; others are low-contact, self-service coolers.


Click on a location to expand notes on accessibility

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Staffed Pickup Sites (alternating Weds 4:30-5:30 pm):

Site description: The stand is right in front of Bethel AME Church off of Sheldon Lane.


✓ Wheelchair accessible

✓ Walkable

✓ Vehicle friendly

✓ Ample side street parking

⚠ When the weather is cold we will be indoors, so come on in.

♥ Fishstand staff can help you carry your fish or cooler to your car

Public Transit:

Train: Paoli/Thorndale Line and get off at Ardmore station. Travel down Cricket Ave which turns into Sheldon Ln. The stand will be on your left (8 min walk). You can also exit the Norristown High-Speed Line @ Ardmore Ave Station, travel down Ardmore Ave, and turn right on E Spring Ave (20 min walk).


There is ample temporary parking space throughout the street. Please be kind and thoughtful when interacting with neighbors of the church. Don’t park in or block any driveways. If there are a lot of cars on Sheldon, please consider parking on Spring or Lippincott and walking over to get your fish or cooler. Fishstand staff will always be glad to help you carry your fish or cooler to the car.

Self-service Retail Site (alternating Weds 6:30-8:00 pm & Thurs 8am-8pm):

Site description: The seafood will be in an unstaffed refrigerator two doors to the right of the Weavers Way-Mt. Airy main entrance. There will be signs directing you where to go on the Weavers Way main entrance, and on the fridge itself. Weavers Way staff are available to help you find the fridge. If there are problems like no fish left or name not on list, please contact us at (267) 666-0924.

Self-service Campus Site (alternating Weds 4:30-8:30 pm):

Site description: It's possible to pull the car up very close to the cooler. There are no steps at this location.


✓ Vehicle friendly

Weather: Street will be cleared during snowy weather.

Self-service Pickup Sites (alternating Weds 6:30-8:30 pm):

Site description: The cooler will be located next to steps on street level.


✓ Walkable

✓ Wheelchair accessible

✓ Vehicle friendly

✓ There are a few nearby 'no parking' zones that could easily be used as loading zones for a quick fish pickup, just leave hazards on.

✓ Porch light always on

Weather: Pathway to cooler should be shoveled and reasonably clear.

Public transit: Bus: 47 @ 6th & Cumberland stop (a few feet away from house)

Site description: The cooler will be located on the steps of a house.


✓ Walkable, but rocky/gravel

✓ Vehicle friendly

✓ Can pull up in driveway so you don’t have to walk in the street

⚠ Might be a little dark since the cooler is at the bottom of the front porch steps and the light doesn't reach well

Weather: Pathway to cooler should be shoveled and reasonably clear.

Public transit: Bus: 53 @ Wayne & Coulter (a few feet away from house)


Click on a location to expand notes on accessibility

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Staffed Pickup Sites (alternating Weds 4:30-5:30 pm)

Description: The school is across from the corner of 9th & Johnston. Street parking is always available. The cooler will be at fish stand outside of the main entrance to the school.

Public transit:

Buses G, 7, 68, and 45

Self-service Pickup Sites (alternating Weds 6:30-8:30 pm)

Site description: The cooler will be on the sidewalk in front of the house.


✓ The porch light will be on.

✓ There are no steps to climb.

⚠ Parking is difficult, but it should be no problem to stop in the the street with hazard lights on for long enough to pick up the fish.

⚠ There is also a "no parking" space at the corner of 21st and Brandywine where you can stop without a citation for 20 minutes.

Public transit: Bus: 43, 49

Site Description: The coolers are in an open bike shed on the right side of the house behind a garden in the front yard.


✓ Street parking or double park in front of the house if need be

⚠ To get there, either take two regular steps up or go up a fairly gentle grass slope next to the front garden.

⚠ There's no light under the shed, so having a phone or flashlight will help you find your share after dark.

⚠ When it is icy, it is better if you follow the paved path next to the next neighboring house entrance (5020). The host will do their best to shovel/de-ice.

♥ If you have limited mobility to walk up steps and the grass slope is too snowy/icy/slippery, let the host know in advance and they can probably arrange to bring your share down to the sidewalk.

Description: The cooler is located on the porch, blocked from sight by a large rose bush. There are 4 steps up and a railing on only one side. Take care on the stairs as the side without a railing just drops off to the ground


⚠ To get to the cooler, go up 4 steps.

Site description: This pick-up location is on a tiny street, right on the sidewalk.


✓ No steps to navigate

✓ There is temporary parking in front of Alexander Inn on 12th and Cypress

Public transit:


23 bus @ Pine St stop (less than 1 block away)

40 bus @ 12th Street stop (1 block away)

32/27/4 buses @ Pine Street stop (1.5 blocks away)

42/21/9 buses on Walnut @ 12th Street stop (3 blocks away)

9/38/21/42 buses on Chestnut Street @ 12th Street stop (4 blocks away)

Many buses on Market Street @ 12th Street stop (5 blocks away)


Broad Street Line @ Lombard/South stop (2.5 blocks away)

Market-Frankford Line @ 13th Street stop (5 blocks away)

Site description: The cooler will be set up next to the steps on the sidewalk in front of the house.


✓ Walkable

✓ There will be a light on when it's dark.

⚠ Parking is difficult, but it is a small street where sitting with your flashers on to grab your share will rarely block traffic.

Public transit:

Bus: 47, 64, 57, 29

Site description: The cooler is next to the steps by the bench


✓ Porch light will always be on

⚠ We're on a smaller one way street so you're usually OK for a minute if you park in the street with your hazards on and just grab it.

⚠ Sidewalk will be shoveled if there's snow. Since we're on a side street, it doesn't always get plowed so parking on 9th is usually the best bet

Site description: The house is on a one-way half street.

✓ Sidewalk will be shoveled if snow

⚠ Parking is limited on Reed and Dickinson. The best strategy would be to pull up in front of the house and Grab-N-Go.

Public transit:

Bus: 17, 2, 2

Train: Ellsworth/Federal stop on Broad Street Line