Our Tiered Pricing Rates

Why can you pay different prices for the same Seafood Club Membership?

Our mission as an organization is multi-fold. We provide fresh seafood that is harvested and processed locally, pay everyone on our team good wages, and make this community accessible to a wide range of Philadelphians.
We offer the same Seafood Club at five Rates—five prices—which allows people from all economic backgrounds the ability to participate. Those who have the resources to pay more and help fund Memberships those who may otherwise be unable to access what we offer: higher-quality & fresher fish than any grocery store.

What rate should I pay?

  • When you sign up for a Membership, you choose how much you pay. We ask that you choose based on your financial resources; one rule of thumb is that your Rate should be around your hourly pay rate (assuming you work full time).

  • For example, if you make more than $36/hr or $75k/year, consider joining at the Supporter level.  If your income makes you eligible for public assistance (SNAP or Medicaid), then you should consider joining at our Community Rate and Neighbor Share Rates. These open up as we have the resources available; both waitlists are currently closed.

  • Our Market Rate is open to all, and covers the full costs getting a Share.

How do the tiers compare?

Sustainer Supporter Market Community
Share Price





1-1.5 lb of fillets or 1-4 lb whole fish
Income guideline (full-time)

> $48/hr or $100k salary

> $36/hr or $75k salary


Eligible for public assistance

Covers cost of goods: fish & transport


Covers cost of labor: admin & fish processing
Contributes to subsidized shares

Neighbor Share is entirely free; open for those who are eligible for public assistance yet would find the cost of Community Rate a financial burden; and does not cover any of the costs of the share because it is fully subsidized by other members. The waitlists are currently closed.

If you have more questions about why the cost of our Market Share may be higher than you have seen before, you can see more about Fishadelphia's budget and why our costs are high here.

Food justice, mutual aid, and its roots

Fishadelphia aims to give all types of Philadelphians access to delicious and healthy seafood. This practice comes from a long history of social and racial organizing grounded in the principles of (food) justice, (food) sovereignty, and mutual aid aimed to promote community and political well-being in various populations across the US and globe (see: Fannie Lou Hamer founds Freedom Farm Cooperative, Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast Program (1969-1980), Indigenous food systems are at the heart of resilience).

We believe that good food should not be limited to only certain members of society; therefore we offer two options for below-cost Shares: Community Rate (reduced cost) and Neighbor Share (free). We encourage Members who can pay more than Market Rate to pay at a rate the contributes with each Share. Through this tiered pricing model, we can offer our high quality seafood at accessible costs.

If you do not want your own Membership but would like to contribute to our food justice efforts, contribute directly here.

How do I get involved?

Looking to contribute? You can join our Seafood Club at a Sustainer or Supporter Rates and each Share you pay for has a contribution. Or, you can donate directly here.

Looking to pay at Community Rate or receive a Neighbor Share? We invite more people to our Community Rate and Neighbor Share memberships as we have resources. Our waitlists are currently closed.

If you’re really excited about fish from Fishadelphia, you can also sign up for Seafood Club at Market Rate while on the waitlist.