Our Team

Meet the amazing folks who get seafood from the New Jersey docks to your cooler, answer your questions and keep you up-to-date, and run our youth program.

Program Staff

  • Talia is outside at a Fishadelphia fishstand, wearing a blue Fishadelphia logo t-shirt and laughing. She has short dark hair and glasses.

    Talia Young

    Program founder & Executive Director


  • Victoria sits in front of a painting of Frida Kahlo. Victoria has long dark hair, dark glasses, and red lips.

    Victoria Oh

    Director of Operations


  • Tasha is smiling and standing in front of a colorful mural of an octopus. She is wearing a jean jacket with a black sweater underneath. She has dark brown hair which is loose and curly and she has brown skin.

    Tasha Palacio

    Director of Seafood Management and Youth Programming


  • Harmony is sitting and looking into the camera. They have short, dark hair, glasses, a white and black hat and dark, slightly muddy clothes.

    Harmony Lu

    Director of Member Experience


  • Omi is standing in front of a pumpkin patch, smiling. They have dark hat, a jean jacket and cozy sweater.

    Omi Masika

    Director of Member Technology


  • Feini is outside smiling. They have long hair pulled back, and are wearing several layers of clothing.

    feini yin

    Strategist and Storyteller


  • Ronnie is laying in some grass in the shade, they are wearing black and white vans, pink socks, black denim jeans, pink spaghetti strap tank top and some of their stomach is showing, they are smiling and wearing heart shaped sunglasses

    Ronnie Bee

    Assistant Fish Packing Manager


  • Wen Xin Weng

    Wen Xin Weng

    Assistant bookkeeper, Chinese community liaison, Thomas ‘18 graduate


  • headshot of George Mathis wearing a ballcap

    George Mathis

    Seafood wrangler & driver


  • Zakheem Lindsay-Moore

    Zakheem Lindsay-Moore

    Fish wrangler, Gratz ‘19 Graduate


  • Ruben is sitting in a car, wearing a hat and smiling.

    Ruben Alexis

    Assistant Fish Packing Manager


  • Lindsay Damon

    Lindsay Damon

    Member Communications Specialist



Consultants & Evaluators

  • Cara Cuite

    Cara Cuite

    Program evaluation researcher


  • Gabe Cumming

    Gabe Cumming

    Project impact assessment specialist


  • Kristin Hunter-Thomson

    Kristin Hunter-Thomson

    Program evaluator


  • Tamara Manik-Perlman

    Tamara Manik-Perlman

    Innovation Consultant



  • Rachel Gass

    Rachel Gass

    Member Relations Specialist


  • Mimi Tran

    Mimi Tran

    Member Communications Specialist


  • Nia D. Minard

    Nia D. Minard

    Communications & culinary specialist


  • Rodney Jenkins

    Rodney Jenkins

    Seafood wrangler & driver


  • Raymond Atkins

    Raymond Atkins

    Seafood wrangler, Gratz graduate ‘21


  • Narry Veang

    Narry Veang

    Social media manager, Thomas co-teacher, Thomas ‘20 graduate


  • Alex Demetriou

    Alex Demetriou

    Fish & farmers’ market wrangler


  • Sharon Appiah

    Sharon Appiah

    Swag coordinator & fish wrangler


  • Cass Manotham

    Cass Manotham

    Neighbor Share coordinator & website coordinator