What seafood will I get?

Our goal is to provide you with the best, freshest fish. Buying only from NJ harvesters means that we are limited to local conditions and what fisherpeople are catching.

We can’t say for sure what we will have each week until the week it’s caught! We will send you a fish reveal messages few days before you pick up letting you know the Catch of the Week.

Common species include:

black sea bass, clams, dogfish, flounder, oysters, scallops, skate, tilefish, tuna

Some species are only available at certain times of the year (such as dogfish); see the table below for more about seasonal availability.

Seasonal Availability

When you're eating only fresh, unfrozen seafood, not all fish is available all year round! Here's a breakdown of fishing seasons off of the Jersey coast where we source all of our fish.


  • Swordfish caught by Viking Village fishermen


    Swordfish is one of the US's greatest success stories in national and global fisheries management. 

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  • Viking Village fisherman holds freshly caught monkfish


    Monkfish are bottom-dwelling fish, using their fins they are able to "walk" on the ocean floor. 

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  • Fishadelphia packers hold freshly caught porgy


    Porgy also known as scup or sea bream are mainly found in the Atlantic from the coasts of Massachusetts to South Carolina. Shallow-water fishies, porgies tend to be small though some can be over 4 feet long!

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  • Black Sea Bass

    Black Sea Bass

    Amongst the most popular fishes, black sea bass (Centropristis striata) is a pretty opportunistic feeder and eats anything that crosses its way.

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  • Maxwell Shellfish's Dry Bay Clams


    Quahogs (aka Atlantic hard-shell or hard clams) are abundant through the Northeast. “Littleneck” clams are the smallest size of commercially harvested quahogs.

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  • Viking Village fishermen pack freshly caught dogfish


    Dogfish (Squalus acanthias)—a.k.a. Houndfish, Mud Shark, or Cape Shark—are a type of small shark named for their habit of hunting in packs. 

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