Dock manager Steve Bardsley showing a monkfish to Fishadelphia Seafood Club Member Michael Hodges and family

Point Pleasant Fisherman's Co-op

The Point Pleasant Fishermen’s Co-operative is, as you might guess from its name, a cooperative of fishermen and boats based in Point Pleasant, NJ. The co-op includes about 10 dragger boats (which means they mostly use trawl nets that drag along the bottom of the ocean to catch their fish). Fishadelphia buys lots of different kinds of fish from here, including fluke (summer flounder), monkfish, black sea bass, scallops, and occasionally bluefish, ling, whiting, and eel. The co-op also hosted our very first dock trip in 2018.


Fishadelphia’s first dock trip, to the Point Pleasant Fishermen’s Co-op. Photo credit: M Lee