Fishadelphia is currently on Summer break! Seafood pickups will restart in September.

Cancellation and refund policies

We get lots of questions about cancellations and refunds.  Here’s a summary of our policies.  Let us know if you have more questions!

What if I want to cancel a Monthly membership?

You can cancel your Monthly membership at any time!  If you cancel, you will continue to receive fish that you paid for through the end of the month, and you will not receive any refunds.  

What if I want to cancel an Annual or Seasonal membership?

We ask that you only sign up for an Annual or Seasonal membership if you can commit to the full length of the membership. If you are worried about the commitment, please sign up for a Monthly membership instead!  

  • You can of course cancel your membership at the end of the time period without any penalty.  You will receive multiple emails that allow you to cancel before renewal occurs.  You can also cancel your auto-renewal at any time.

  • If something unexpected and dire comes up in the middle of the season, please reach out to us directly.  We can refund your remaining credits minus a processing fee of two shares.  

What if I don’t want my membership to be automatically renewed?

You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time. See here for more.

What if I signed up for a membership but can’t pick up one week?  

  • If you know that you can’t make your pickup, you can make arrangements for a friend to pick up for you.  Or you can let us know by clicking the “Skip Pickup” button in your pickup emails, and we will donate your share to a student or mutual aid organization.  

  • If you miss your pickup, please contact your host directly if you want to coordinate.  (Please keep in mind that your host may or may not be able to accommodate you at another time, and your seafood may no longer be available after 48 hours.)  

  • We are not able to offer compensatory shares or refunds if you miss, forget, or are unable to make your pickup.  

  • Please also know that Fishadelphia may change pickup day/times due to weather and other events.