Introducing Neighbor Share, a Fishadelphia mutual aid program


Food justice, mutual aid, and its roots

Fishadelphia’s Neighbor Share aims to ensure that everyone has access to delicious and healthy seafood. While the Neighbor Share is inspired by the mutual aid initiatives that flourished in Philadelphia and across the country at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative springs from a long history of social and racial organizing grounded in the principles of (food) justice, (food) sovereignty, and mutual aid aimed to promote community and political well-being in various populations across the US and globe (see: Fannie Lou Hamer founds Freedom Farm Cooperative, Black Panther Party’s Free Breakfast Program (1969-1980), Indigenous food systems are at the heart of resilience).

We recognize that, for many, the community rate tier may still not be accessible. We believe that our Fishadelphia network can support one another through fish, but of course, it has always been more than just about fish. We serve, build, connect, and mobilize diverse stakeholders; support sustainable regional fisheries; promote connection, understanding, and solidarity between and within eating and fishing communities, all while keeping young people central to this work to act as a model and inspiration for other youth-oriented work. Through the Neighbor Share, we grow our power and resilience as a community.

Purchase a Neighbor Subscription

How does it work?

Looking to be a community contributor? You can purchase a Neighbor subscription anytime in the season, and it will be automatically prorated. If you are also buying a personal subscription, you can choose Neighbor Share as a cart item in any of the Seafood Club subscriptions. That will pay for one personal season subscription and one Neighbor season subscription. If you are unable to purchase a Neighbor subscription in its entirety, or if you do not want a share for yourself, you can donate as many weeks of shares as you’d like here (feel free to mix & match # of weeks). If you contribute over $40 to a Neighbor’s subscription before August 30, 2021, you will receive a limited edition student designed tote bag – just in time to be sustainably ready for Philadelphia’s plastic bag ban and fashionably ready for fall season! 

Looking to be a neighbor share recipient? You can indicate your interest on this form and we’ll get back to you. Neighbor subscriptions are distributed on a first come, first served basis. As a confirmed recipient of the Neighbor subscription, you are guaranteed biweekly (every other week) shares of fish at a neighborhood pickup site like everyone else participating in our program. Once you receive an email from us that your subscription is all set, you can expect to follow the same pick up info and policies as our other regular and community rate customers. 

Have questions?

Email us at, text/call us at (267) 666-0924, or you can directly reach Cass, the Neighbor Share coordinator, at

Want to purchase a neighbor subscription?

You can buy one here. Or you can subscribe for a season and purchase a share for yourself and for someone else at the same time.