Why is Fishadelphia different from other fishmongers?

First of all, our fish is as fresh as it gets.  We can’t tell you what you’re getting next week because it’s still swimming in the ocean.  Sometimes our scallops were landed the morning you eat them.  You can’t get it fresher than that unless you catch it yourself!  

Plus, every week, we tell you who harvested, sorted, processed, and delivered your fish (unlike at the grocery store).  We also include a recipe, cooking tips, and fun educational info with each share. 

But even more, when you join Fishadelphia, you’re not just buying fish - you’re joining a community.  That’s why we call it a membership instead of subscription.  You learn who caught your fish (and can connect with them on social media and through meet-your-harvester events!).  You get behind-the-scenes info about local fishing conditions and decision-making behind our supply chain.  You can watch the chefs at the People’s Kitchen in South Philly fillet your fish with local students and make stock from the bones.  You get to meet neighbors who host your cooler, and others who pick up fish at the same location.  You contribute to living wages for everyone who works for the project. You help middle and high school students learn about what it means to run a socially-minded business.  You get opportunities to visit the docks and farms where your seafood is harvested.  You’re invited to events with us and our community partners.  We aren’t just a business - we’re a community.