Joining Fishadelphia might be a little different than how you're used to buying seafood.

You'll need to decide how much to pay, how long to join, the kind of processing, and where to pick it up.

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  • Pick Rate

    We use a pay-what-you can sliding scale membership system.

  • Decide on Length

    Currently we offer Annual, 3-Month, or Monthly Memberships. You pre-pay for either a year, 3 months, or a month in advance.

    All renew automatically, and you can join or cancel at any time.

  • Choose Club

    Each share is 1 to 1.5 lbs of finfish fillets or 1.5 to 4 lbs of whole fish (not scaled or gutted).

    All members will receive an equivalent quantity of shellfish some weeks.

  • Select Pickup Site

    We have ~20 locations all over the Philadelphia area; some are self-service coolers and others are staffed. Learn more about Seafood Club Pickup at the following link (including seeing all our locations).


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Prices listed below are per Share, the minimum number of shares you can purchase is 2 (aka "monthly").

  • New Seafood Club Membership (TEST)
    New Seafood Club Membership (TEST)

    New Seafood Club Membership (TEST)

    Regular price $24.00+

Community Rate and Neighbor Share Memberships are available by invitation off of our waitlist. The waitlists are currently closed.

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