Fishadelphia is currently on Summer break! Seafood pickups will restart in September.

Host a cooler

How does it work?

  • You commit to hosting an ongoing cooler to the best of your ability through the school year (Sep-Jun).

  • On pickup Wednesdays, you pick up your cooler(s) from one of our staffed locations between 4-5:30 pm. You will need a car (though it may be possible to carpool or rotate driving with another cooler host near you). You make your cooler available 6:30-8:30 pm (or your specified pickup window) at your location.  

  • The cooler comes with a checklist of customers, a bag of fish for each customer, and ice or ice packs.

  • We will send you a list of all the customers picking up at your cooler that week, along with their contact info and any special notes. Once your cooler is ready to go, you email the customers when the seafood is available for pickup. 

  • You leave the cooler on your porch, and customers take their fish from the cooler - no need for you to hand it off.

  • If there are shares left over at the end of the night (and customers have not made other arrangements with you), coordinate any outstanding pickups at your convenience. If customers don’t respond within 48 hours, you can do whatever you like with their fish. 

  • You can familiarize yourself with the pick-up info and policies page here.

  • You wash the cooler out, let it dry, and bring it back to us next pickup.  

  • We advertise your pickup site; you also spread the word through your networks!

  • Our minimum target is 15 customers per pickup location. That means if your location doesn’t reach 15 customers by the end of the season, we may close your cooler.

What do you get?

A free Seafood Club membership for each season you host!

Interested in hosting?

We’re always looking to expand our reach. Fill out this form and tell us where you live, describe your porch pick up site, methods of transportation, and why you think a cooler should exist in your neighborhood!