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  • Overhead photo of the fishing vessel Abbie & Holly docked at Viking Village.

    Harvester: Viking Village

    Viking Village is a dock that works with scallopers, gillnet and longline fishing boats and is located in Barnegat Light, NJ.

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  • headshot of George Mathis wearing a ballcap

    Driver: George Mathis

    George is a 3rd generation clam farmer, a member of the Heritage Shellfish Cooperative, and also drives seafood from NJ into Philly for Fishadelphia.
  • Photo of gloved hands filleting and skinning monkfish in The People’s Kitchen

    Cleaning: People's Kitchen Philly

    People’s Kitchen is a collaboration of chefs, students, and community members based in Italian Market, South Philly.

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  • Omi Masika holds up a tilefish during a fish packing session at Gratz

    Packing: Fishadelphia at Simon Gratz

    Fishadelphia team members portion and pack seafood for our Seafood Club in the culinary suite at Simon Gratz High School Mastery Charter in North Philly.

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