Fishadelphia is currently on Summer break! Seafood pickups will restart in September.

Program Staff

  • Talia is outside at a Fishadelphia fishstand, wearing a blue Fishadelphia logo t-shirt and laughing. She has short dark hair and glasses.

    Talia Young

    Program founder & Executive Director


  • Victoria sits in front of a painting of Frida Kahlo. Victoria has long dark hair, dark glasses, and red lips.

    Victoria Oh

    Director of Operations


  • Tasha is smiling and standing in front of a colorful mural of an octopus. She is wearing a jean jacket with a black sweater underneath. She has dark brown hair which is loose and curly and she has brown skin.

    Tasha Palacio

    Director of Seafood Management and Youth Programming


  • Harmony is sitting and looking into the camera. They have short, dark hair, glasses, a white and black hat and dark, slightly muddy clothes.

    Harmony Lu

    Director of Member Experience


  • Omi is standing in front of a pumpkin patch, smiling. They have dark hat, a jean jacket and cozy sweater.

    Omi Masika

    Director of Member Technology


  • Feini is outside smiling. They have long hair pulled back, and are wearing several layers of clothing.

    feini yin

    Strategist and Storyteller